3 Things You Didn’t Know RL6 Could Do!

February 3, 2016 Oi Hua Lee

Purchasing a healthcare software system is a lot like buying the hottest new whatever on the market – be it a smartphone, a car or a TV. You take it home, set it up and learn how to do what you need it to do, until one day someone says “did you know it could do this, too?” Once your jaw comes up from the floor, the answer is almost always “no, I had no idea!”

So whether you’re new or old to the RL family, or if even if you saw us once at a conference, here are 3 things RL6 does that you probably didn’t know it could do. 

1)    Directly report to organizations and regulatory bodies via RL6
There’s really no getting around it, doing it is a must. But let’s face it, you’re busy and in your line of business a little can go a long way. So, we’ve taken the steps to help make your life a little easier by allowing you to send reports via RL6 directly to ECRI, NHSN, PSRS, NDNQI and so many more. 

2)    Integrate with your EMR system
Did you know that you can set RL6 to launch directly from your EMR? Well you can! How does it help? Tighter integration with your EMR system means that you can pre-populate your event forms, helping your frontline staff complete submissions quicker and easier – and as our last blog said, every minute your front-line staff saves is an additional minute they can spend with patients. 

Download the instructions now to configure your system.

Read more on how you can make your forms more efficient: How to create more efficient reports

3)    Get real-time trigger alerts
Did you know real-time surveillance can be added to RL6:Risk? Risk Surveillance helps you screen and receive alerts for never events, vital risk triggers, readmissions, infections and more. With all this data in your corner, you’ll be able to act on potentially harmful situations and minimize escalations. 

With RL6 being so customizable, clients often don’t realize what a few simple tweaks can help them achieve. Our best advice is to check our blog every now and then for great tips and tricks, but also to simply ask an RL’er the next time you’re chatting, and you may be surprised to learn that our system can already do what you want it to do. 

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