4 Ways to Get Your Team Active on HUB

Tina Dao


Last month, we launched HUB, the new client-centered space for all our users to come together. Now, unlike ever before, our users have a destination they can turn to for tips, tricks and best practices. But now what?

Well, it’s time to get your team onboard to gain the full benefits of everything HUB offers. We know that in a busy healthcare environment that team communications and information sharing can sometimes be a challenge, so here are a few ways you can use HUB to support your team communications.

#1 Make sure your team is all set up on HUB

HUB is open to all users, and it’s easy to get your team set up. You can sign up for an account at hub.rldatix.com. Once the account has been set up, your colleague will receive a notice to get started on RL HUB.

#2 Make it a fun challenge with monthly rewards!

The more you do on HUB, the more you can build your Rewards points. Active users can track their progress within Community and will be assigned a role based on activity: Fan, Advocate, Influencer or Champion. Have some fun with it to encourage your team to get involved in HUB. At the end of the month, you could give out a reward to the team member who contributed the most!

#3 Take turns sharing ideas and plans of your own to help support your team

By seeing what others are doing with their systems and the experiences others have had in similar situations, HUB provides a great space to get ideas of your own towards your internal processes. Give your team a chance to share their learnings amongst their colleagues to see how you can also implement potential new practices and tricks. 

#4 Include HUB learnings in weekly meetings

If you currently have a weekly or biweekly meeting that involves updates on your RL system, you can include key learnings and updates that have been found from HUB in your meeting notes. This way, the team is able to gain access to shared information to support their success. 

Not only is HUB a valuable communication tool for your team, but being able to connect with others across the country who are also using the platform means it’s also a great way to discover new insights and ideas to bring back to your organization. What’s more, it’s a great resource to turn to when it comes to training your team on optimizing your system. 

We love hearing about the different ways you like to share information amongst your team. If you have an idea of your own or tip for learning with HUB, share it in the comments section below!


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