#AskTheExpert: Palooza Edition

Tina Dao

This week on #AskTheExpert we turned the conversation about Palooza over to the real experts: our clients. Kelly Beauchamps from Lehigh Valley Health Network, Nancy Kerins from North Shore Medical and Pam Marshall from Scarborough Rouge Hospital hosted. Combined, they have 26 Palooza experiences. If you're attending the conference or still making up your mind, here are some secrets to success from a few of the people who know our conference best.

Tip #1: Network, network, network

Nancy Kerins: Don't be shy and get out of your comfort zone. You learn so much from going to the sessions, but you learn so much more from meeting people and talking to other clients and RLDatix people. The bonding and networking that you do with other users is a huge benefit


Kelly Beauchamps: Meet other clients and talk to them about how they use the software. Don't be afraid to talk "RL business" while lunching. I've stayed in contact with clients I met at [Palooza]. We pick up the phone or e-mail each other directly when we have a question or want an opinion on something.                                

Tip #2: Meet the RLDatix team (and ask all your questions)

Nancy: It's not just networking/meeting other clients, it's also meeting the RLDatix folks that you work with. We as clients work so much better with you guys because we get to know you as well.

Tip #3: Sign up for sessions early

Nancy: One thing that I learned from last year (at least) is make sure that you sign up for your sessions as soon as you know you are going so you don't get wait-listed

Kelly: Don't wait to register for sessions like I did last year or you might miss out on some you had your heart set on attending (especially the hands on sessions). If you aren't 100% sure of what you want to attend at least register for those you are sure of. You can always edit your registration later.

Tip #4: Dress for success

Pam Marshall: Wear elastic waist pants...the food is always amazing!


Final advice from our experts

Pam: Largest takeaway for me is always how many dedicated and committed folks there are out there in healthcare doing their best every day. I know this of course, but Palooza is a great opportunity to be reminded. RLDatix gives everyone a terrific combination of education, training, networking and fun. 

Nancy: There is always something that you haven't thought of doing that someone out there is doing. Even if you know a way to do something, there might be a different approach to look into as well. Every year it is said that we can't imagine how RLDatix will top the previous year and they always find a way.



To get all our experts' insights, from why you should consider presenting at RL Palooza to why they love the social events, visit RL HUB.


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