A Comprehensive Approach to Engage Staff with Risk Management Software

Comprehensiveness and consistency are two cornerstones of Hackensack Meridian Health’s approach to staff education about RL software from RLDatix – and it’s an approach that helps create excellent staff engagement.

According to Dan Lindberg, Systems Analyst, and Marie Loch, System Administrator, the key to bolstering staff engagement is to focus your efforts on staff and what they need.

Dan and Marie oversee a variety of programs and initiatives that not only help staff understand how to use the RL software, but also why it’s so important.

“One avenue that really helps people see the value in reporting are our morning huddles,” says Dan. Each morning all unit managers and representatives from the risk management and quality departments meet – roughly 20 people in total. The risk management team brings a 24-hour report, created in RL software, that gives them a snapshot of everything that happened in the last 24 hours.

"They use the report when the managers are going over the different things that happened on their unit,” says Dan. “It really helps keep everyone engaged and is a constant reminder for managers to get back to staff on their units with their information.

“In its own way,” adds Marie, “The huddles reinforce that the tool is being used and that the reports entered into the system aren’t going nowhere – people are using it and the information is being seen.”

In fact, the 24-hour report approach was so popular, that some members of hospital leadership now receive their own custom 24-hour report every day.

“The overall process of entering into RL has made everyone more aware of what’s going on,” says Marie. “In my opinion, RLDatix has helped improve the communication across the organization.” 

Taking Training to the Trainees

In addition to programs like morning huddles that bring awareness to how RL software is being used and what its impact is, Dan and Marie focus on training as another way to improve manager engagement with the software.

“We do site visits and spend 30 minutes or so one-on-one with managers,” explains Dan, stressing how different these visits are from a general, group training session. “What this allows for is for managers to really address their own personal needs and I found that’s really helped engage people who aren’t interested in using the system or don’t know how it can help them.”

This more personal approach creates an opportunity for Dan and Marie to tailor the content of their conversations to areas the managers are curious about or need help with – from adding follow-ups and completing tasks to running reports and drilling down into their data.

“When you sit and you talk to them one-on-one or in a small group, they get to understand why they’re doing it,” says Marie. “It becomes more about the impact and less about it being just an IT tool.”

These efforts have helped increase uptake in use of the software – but it has also created a shift, where RL software is now synonymous with Hackensack Meridian’s values. 

“The system is part of our culture now,” says Marie. “You hear the name being used in conversation on the floor and that’s one of the ways that we know what we’re doing is working.” 


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