Delivering Remarkable Patient Care Through Digital Engagements

April 8, 2019 RL Team

In the constant pursuit of excellence, the single most powerful tool at one's disposal is feedback. In a literal sense, feedback is the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input in order to regulate its further output. In a healthcare setting, feedback can help increase motivation, improve performance and elevate engagement. These also happen to be the three key ingredients in the perfect recipe for enhancing the patients’ experience.

Recently, more emphasis is being put on Patient Feedback becoming an essential component of every world-class healthcare strategy to ensure constant improvement for patients and care providers alike.

In fact, the benefits are well documented. “Patient evaluation of care is important to provide an opportunity for improvement such as strategic framing of health plans, which sometimes exceed patient expectations and benchmarking”. Next generation of digital engagements aim to enhance the effectiveness of feedback in healthcare by productively utilizing health management information systems and patient safety software to ensure patient engagement is maximized at every opportunity.

The opportunity for real-time digital engagements with patients has been greatly enhanced by modern technology. Smartphones, web-connected tablets, live video streams, biometrics, smart speakers, social media and cloud computing technology are creating efficiencies and benefiting healthcare providers by providing the data required to alter treatment and improve both results and the overall experience. And data remains at the center of patient-centric and patient engagement strategies

A cloud-based platform that can collect and translate data from multiple systems and make it available in actionable formats, addresses the data-sharing needs for patient-centric healthcare. By choosing technology that eliminates the need to replace legacy systems and can be managed by experts who are up-to-date on privacy, security and interoperability issues, providers can focus on what they do best – develop a patient-centric model of care with effective patient engagement strategies.


To utilize this data as effectively and efficiently as possible, a robust and fully integrated healthcare risk management solution is key Caroline Costello, director of patient and family insights, and the team at UChicago Medicine, aims to to create a culture where exceptional experiences occur for everyone, every time, and she accomplishes this by leveraging RL software’s Feedback solution.

In order to know where to focus their efforts, they had to maximize the patient voice. Using patient feedback from RL6, inpatient surveys, discharge care calls, and information from the patient and family advisory councils, they were able to see which units had low patient engagement scores. They also consulted physicians and nurses who were feeling overwhelmed.

RL Solutions’ healthcare management system captures, organizes and analyzes patient, staff and visitor feedback to give insights into what's working, and where improvements can be made. Patient complaints and compliments are captured in a variety of innovative ways:

  • Work stations where patients, family members and visitors can easily provide feedback
  • Simple web-forms and form letters
  • Mobile-friendly versions of feedback files for tablet or smartphone
  • And coming this summer, child-friendly surveys

Appropriate and regular patient feedback is of immeasurable value to management, staff and patients alike, and enabling this feedback with modern health management information system technology while leveraging the seamless integration of a healthcare management system is vital. Creating the next generation of digital engagement is a key step in providing safer healthcare for all.

At RL, we believe that the core of patient experience is centered around patient feedback. So how can your organization empower your patients to be involved in their care? Learn how you can leverage RL's new patient experience survey tool, so you can make your initiatives a success. 
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