Flagging Frequent Flyer Patients in RL6

March 18, 2016 Heidi Chodorowicz

Frequent flyers on airplanes are eligible for lots of perks. But when it comes to healthcare, ‘frequent flyers’ are more likely to be readmitted for a chronic health condition than get bumped up to business class.

As healthcare organizations transition towards patient-centric care, it is becoming more important to track information from a patient perspective. Did you know that you can create a report to determine how many patients have more than one Risk, Feedback or Claims file in your database? And you can create alerts to notify you if a patient with a previous incident re-enters your facility.

Set up a frequent flyer report

These repeat patients, or ‘frequent flyers’, often have chronic health conditions that need to be managed by a team of clinicians. They’re also usually high users of overall health care services. Because they’re in and out your facilities, frequent visitors are at greater risk for an adverse event. Identify them and you can act proactively with pre-emptive patient experience rounding, fall prevention measures and more.

How do I do this in RL6?
Drill down on the data to determine what type of patients are more likely to have multiple files in RL6. Using the patient MRN as the unique identifier, you can create a bar chart or line chart to determine the patients with more than one file in your system. The same report can be run in RL6:Risk, RL6:Feedback or RL6:Claims. Learn how to create this frequent flyer report on the Support Center.

Additionally, you can run an HL7 alert to notify you if a patient with an incident in the system re-enters your facility. If you haven’t set this alert up yet, read our tutorial on  HUB. 


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