Four Things a Deep Dive Into Your System Can Uncover

February 29, 2016 Andrea Ricci

Annual check ups: some of us welcome it and some of us dread it but no matter what, we do it. Why? Because even though everything may feel fine and seem to be operating in tip-top shape, an annual physical is a chance to help us uncover things we may not notice on the surface.

Your RL system is no different. Although you may see and understand everything that’s going on, there may be more information beneath the covers that can really help you understand and take things to the next level. RL’s System Health Analytics is a service that allows organizations to get a greater understanding of the data they collect beyond just in-applications reports.

This includes:

  1. Reporting percentages
  2. Time studies
  3. Detailed information on user submission patterns
  4. Peak usage reports

Of course, the things you can discover don't end here. There's a laundry list of things analytics can do for you. Uncovering such insights are an important step in helping you understand user adoption and highlight educational opportunities to improve utilization of your software.  

Like a System Health Check, an RL expert will provide you with your detailed report of the findings. This deep dive into your data should assist in targeting areas for improvement in your software. The ultimate goal of this service is to help you understand your overall system usage so you can continue to optimize the RL6 application for your organizational objectives.

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