December 18, 2018 RL Team



Based off your suggestions and votes within Community in RL HUB, here are the top 5 ideas that made it into the product this year. Our product team deliberates, researches and plans which user ideas to include - making sure we are constantly listening and providing value! Thank you for working with us to create a larger impact.         


                     User/Scope Hyperlink (46 votes)

Natalie Stanback Adeptus Health

We heard you loud and clear that easy access to scopes from the user profile would reduce the number of clicks and save you time when setting up new users, making changes and troubleshooting. 


                    Allow Admins to Act As without having to go into user profile (27 votes)

Jake Schneider Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF)

To enhance process efficiencies and save time, we made it really easy for admins to "act as" other users so that verifying system configurations and troubleshooting issues is a breeze: simply select a user, click a button and view the modules in which you're authorized to act as the user.  


                   Printing RL Forms (36 votes)

Julia Moretti Massachusetts Eye and Ear

For you to view your current form configurations easily, we created the “Generate Workbook” button to see the detailed business configurations in a word document. This workbook acts as a jumping-off point as new changes are   considered, downstream impacts are assessed and tracked changes are provided. 


                   Announcements Screen (21 votes)

Nafis Khan Children’s National Medical Center

RL users are now able to easily post important messages, such as planned outages or the introduction of new forms or policies, concerning the system. The message displays until the user dismisses it each time the user logs in until the    announcement's end date has been reached. 


                   Providing Feedback to Reporter as an integral part of RL (16 votes)

Glenda Singer  Massachusetts General Hospital

Based on this idea, we created the “File Submission Tracker,” which is a collection of enhancements: [1] a new page to view file activity, [2] enhanced email notifications and [3] the option to include feedback for the submitter when the file is closed. It provides better insight about quality and patient safety efforts in your organization by closing the loop between front-line staff and file managers.. 






Robotic Surgery at North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) 

NSMC has received a $1 million challenge grant from the Davenport Fund to develop a Robotic Surgery Program. The $1 million donation will support the purchase of a state-of-the-art surgical robot and enable surgeons to perform delicate and complex procedures with enhanced precision. Other advantages of robotic surgery include smaller incisions, reduced pain and discomfort, and faster recovery. 

Bridging HIPAA, HiTech and 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Operation PAR  

Operation PAR was looking for a way to keep all of their confidentiality breach information in one place for ease of reporting and trending. They added a section within RL for their Security officer to do analysis right within the incident report, where previously the assessment was done on paper. They also added a field to indicate if the breach was an externally reportable breach, and if yes, was it an immediate report or to be included in the annual aggregate report to HHS. This has allowed them to easily pull the data for the aggregate HHS report each January. 

Interactive E-Learning at Gundersen Health System

The staff at Gundersen Health System were struggling with using RL, due to simply not knowing how to use it. Chris Roth, Neil Hickey and one of their risk managers created an interactive E-Learning education plan over a 3-month span, working alongside their learning and development team. They recorded the entire education piece and walked staff through different scenarios on how to complete a form. They made it mandatory for new employees last fall, and reporting numbers have increased since. Gundersen is currently developing manager training as well, and plans to roll it out sometime next year. 




We look forward to growing and creating more impact and meaningful moments together in 2019!


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