Healthcare Trends: What's in Store for 2018?

And that's a wrap! 

2017 flew by in a flash. We're taking some time this month to reflect on everything 2017 had to offer and to think about what's next. 

Technological advancements have dominated conversations in many industries, and healthcare is no exception. This year we saw healthcare continue to shift and evolve, paving the way for new trends in 2018. 

In the spirit of looking forward, we dove into trends that are already making headlines for the new year. 

Shifting the mindset from being a hospital system to a health system 
Part of growing together to change the scope of care-giving means collaboration among hospitals and thinking of innovative ways to impact patients positively. Hospitals are now looking to align with other hospitals to not only drive the restructure of the healthcare industry but also organize hospitals to improve patient outputs. We have a long journey ahead of us as we work together to optimize the care we provide.  

Digital Technology to Engage Patients: Ensuring Access for All 
Back in 2016, the American Telemedicine Association predicted that “the number of Americans receiving virtual medical care is forecast to double from 15 million in 2016 to 30 million in 2017”. We haven’t stopped there as the need for virtual care is growing. The future of healthcare will be more patient-centered and value-based care and as such healthcare should become more of a continuous experience that patients can access easily. Digital technology gives healthcare providers the opportunity bridge that gap.  

Why Patient-Reported Outcomes Data is Key to Healthcare Quality 
Patients are becoming a partner with their care providers. They now have the technology that enables them to measure, collect and share data relevant to their health with their providers. Patient-reported outcomes along with patient feedback can significantly influence clinical decision-making processes to improve the quality of care. It is predicted that this having this data will soon just become a part of a hospital’s workflow.  

Artificial Intelligence will redesign healthcare 
We are now entering the fourth industrial revolution – the era of digital technology. What does that mean for the healthcare industry? Efficiencies in processes – to organize patient routes, treatment plans, personalized healthcare experience, provide physicians information and more! Opportunities – to work together and utilize data engines to revolutionize medicine, get more out of patient-provider interactions and improve the effectiveness of healthcare management.  

What are you looking forward to in 2018? Tell us below in the comments. 

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