Hindsight is 2020:New Look New Goals (Feat. Prospect Medical Holdings)

January 30, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

What are your patient safety goals in 2020?

We’ve leaped into a new year (see what we did there?), and not only are we busy planning out our resolutions for ourselves, but also we're devising a strategy for our next moves on how to be proactive within our respective organizations.

Patient safety is always on the top of our minds and with that, our goal with this series is to collect excerpts from organizations around the globe and share their patient safety goals for 2020 with you.

By highlighting these, you will have the chance to see what your neighbors around the world are doing when it comes to campaigns, events, workflows, and more. Our hope is that this information will provide you with some inspiration and insight into how to structure your own goals.

In 2020, Prospect Medical Holdings will continue to focus on improving outcomes and processes that will have a positive impact on patient safety and quality.

The hope is to achieve ZERO patient harm at all their facilities. Their facilities are on the journey to becoming High Reliability Organizations (HRO). This journey is about sharpening their focus to create a culture of safety, adopting and ingraining shared values and beliefs about how they act and interact so that they can make their organization an even safer place with fewer human errors and fewer events of harm.

Prospect Medical Holdings has created a system-wide Quality, Patient Safety and Clinical Excellence scorecard that will reflect their strategies and goals in 2020.

A few of their goals are to reduce their healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) with zero harm, increase hand hygiene compliance, improve on bedside barcoding and hourly rounding/nurse manager rounding.

The scorecard pulls data from many sources, including the electronic medical records and the RLDatix system. Each facility will have access to the scorecard to view how they are doing at any given point.

Prospect Medical Holdings has set goals to increase reporting of safety events and are focusing on medication events/near misses. They are working with their pharmacy directors on creating for them a standalone form in the RLDatix system. The form will then be used to capture clinical interventions that the pharmacies are making on the orders that are prescribed/ordered for their patients. This will allow the organization to track in one location all the interventions that their pharmacy staff are making and improve care to their patients.

Hindsight is 2020 is a patient safety series, highlighting some of the patient safety goals for the year 2020 within the industry. If you'd like to be featured in our next blog, please email us at marketing@rldatix.com.

Excerpt submitted by: Joan Dion, National Risk Management Data Manager

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