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October 4, 2016 Tina Dao

Looking to earn a few extra RL Rewards points? Want to help out a peer while you’re at it? We’ve got just the thing! This month, we’ve gathered five great topics from RL Community that we think deserve a second look. So, check ‘em out and log into HUB to share your feedback!

Balancing Near Miss Reporting with getting the full story
Jake Schneider, Cleveland Clinic, wants to balance Near Miss reporting (asking less questions if the user identifies a severity as Near Miss) with getting the full story on an event in RL6:Risk. He’s wondering what other organizations have done in this area, as they’re worried about the accuracy of Near Miss reporting.

Rachel Bissonnet, Boston Children’s Hospital, is curious what other clients’ experience are installing the Self-Updater and upgrading to newer versions. She hasn’t done an upgrade and is eager to take advantage of the new features. There is pushback from her ISD department because they anticipate it will take up a lot of resources. Join the Boston User Group – Risk group on RL Community to discuss best practices related to RL6:Risk, and to share your experience and help Rachel out!

Capturing Left Without Being Seen (LWBS) in RL
There has been discussion in Kevin Smart’s organization, McLaren Health Care, regarding LWBS in RL. Some of his sites want this to be mandatory, while others feel RL is not the appropriate place to report this. He’s wondering how the data on LWBS is being utilized by other organizations, and where it is being captured. Kevin’s not sure if there is a risk component necessitating it being reported in RL when it is already being collected in the EMR. Let Kevin know your thoughts on RL Community!

New Pennsylvania User Group (PUG) on HUB!
Kelly Beauchamps, Lehigh Valley Health Network, is calling all Pennsylvania hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, behavioral health centers etc. to join the general Pennsylvania group on RL Community to discuss best practices related to PA-PSRS, ECRI and other questions on capturing and reporting in the state.

Feedback Monitor Submission vs. Management Forms
Nancy Kerins, North Shore Medical Center is currently working with Mount Auburn hospital assisting them with their RL6 upgrade, and wanted to know what people have on their Feedback Monitor submission form vs. what they have on their management form. The people submitting and managing Feedback files are centralized, so she is curious how other organizations have designed their submission in order to not enter too much. Help Nancy out, and let her know what your workflow is like!

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