Hot Off HUB - Our Most Discussed Topics in August

September 2, 2016 Tina Dao

Almost three months running, RL HUB continues to grow bigger and shine brighter with more clients joining the community to learn, share resources, and meet fellow healthcare safety professionals around the globe everyday. Here are some of the hottest topics circulating HUB this month!

How to reduce staff using Event Type OTHER
Are your front-line staff submitting too many files under the “Other” Specific Event Type when submitting a file? This is an issue Meghan Marcott from Legacy Health System is going through, and many clients shared their suggestions on how to encourage staff to select an applicable choice.

Popular suggestions included:

  • Moving the “Other” event type to the bottom of the drop down list, or removing the option altogether
  • Creating a model where the Specific Event Types are more categorical, and after choosing an event type, staff are urged to sub-categorize the event type with category specific options
  • Having a field that requires staff to explain what “other” means

Option for requesting access/reports idea (workaround)
Anna Paul from University of Utah Health Care suggested there to be some functionality to request RL file manager access, changes to scopes or reports/data in the RL application. She shared a form she currently uses that seems to work for her users. Hear what other clients had to say, and see some of the other strategies shared to accomplish this!

Average times for file submission
Ever wonder how long other clients take to submit a file? Clients reported an average between 5-16 minutes, depending on the event type and detail of the form. Learn what the average time for file submission is as your peers share their experience and some strategies to reduce this time.

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