How RLDatix can help you fill the gaps with custom work

At RLDatix, we understand that the goals and needs of every organization are different and can even change over time, and along with it what they require of their healthcare software system. Often times, third-party taxonomy/PSO, new internal policies/procedures or an acquisition/divestiture from a health system can sneak up on you, and require the creation of new forms and reports.

Whatever the reason may be, if you find yourself strapped for time or simply in need of a helping hand, rest assured our Client Success team is here to help fill any gaps you may have!
Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Customized Forms

We’re happy to design and build a completely new form in your system based on the requirements you provide us. Turning to us means you will have the advantage of working with an RLDatix expert that will let you know about any potential red flags for certain changes, or may even offer recommendations.

  1. Customized Reports

Maybe you aren’t up to speed yet on the Report Designer and need reports for your managers immediately. You can work with RLDatix to develop custom reports. This can include reports from the Report Editor, reports that mimic another system or if you need it to make a special calculation for you. We’re here to fill the gaps while you learn our system.

  1. Personalized training

Whether you want a refresher on some topics coming out of implementation, you want to learn how to build your own forms/reports, or you just want to purchase full System Administrator training, we are here to help. We want to ensure that our clients are successful, and training services are just one of the many ways we support you. We aren’t happy until you’re entirely comfortable using our software.

  1. Configuration Services

We have services in place to support big projects. So, if you find yourself needing to reconfigure your Specific Event Type picklist, or you need to change the scope of several users, you can rely on us for a helping hand

  1. Technical Engineering Services

From complete rebranding overhauls and implementation of the File Interchange Module to send data to a third party to converting data from another system into RL6, our Technical Engineering team is ready to jump into action!

Leaving the heavy lifting to our RLDatix' Client Success team can minimize the risk of error, and lets you continue your day-to-day routine without stress. For more information about pricing, or to request custom work, submit a ticket to Hub.


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