If You Build It, They Will Come

Sherry Clarke

One of the big challenges that organizations face after implementing RL6 is keeping the momentum of submissions trending upward. Making the submission process straightforward and quick will contribute to a higher reporting rate. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind to increase your rate of submission.

Consider anonymous reporting
Think about your organization’s culture. Do employees on the front line consider event reporting as a transparent process that is intended to make the patient experience safer? Or is submitting an event considered a more punitive event? If you are still working to increase the event reporting culture, you might wish to allow your submitters the option to submit their events anonymously. This ensures that you are getting honest submissions.
PRO TIP: RLDatix clients using the RL software can allow anonymous submissions by changing a parameter in General System Parameters. Login to HUB to learn how

Minimize your mandatories
Let’s face it, the people who are submitting events are busy people! Try to make the submission process as quick and easy as possible. You can do this by taking a hard look at the fields that are mandatory, and reduce the amount of clicks required to submit.

Close the loop
Sometimes, we hear from front-line submitters who say ‘I feel like the events I submit go into a black hole and I never hear what happens’. You can reduce this feeling by allowing submitters to see what happens to the event, or by touching base with them periodically to provide them a summary of how the file was resolved.

Reward your submitters
A thank you can go a long way! Some clients like to randomly select some submitters and give them a token of appreciation, like a gift card, preferred parking spot or some other reward.

Tell your stories
It’s easy to become disconnected from the intent of event submission. We’re doing this to make things safer for patients! Telling stories of how the system has been improved to prevent harm can remind all of your submitters how important it is to speak out!
PRO TIP: As part of Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 12-18th), we asked individuals from different organizations to share “Why I Report”. Download the toolkit 

Allow submissions on the go!
Using portable mobile devices or tablets can allow your front line staff to submit quicker. Using RL6:Mobile the submission process is easier, and ensures that submitters are documenting what’s happening right away! This ensures that the details don’t get lost and you can access everything you need at your fingertips.  


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