RL Palooza - Day 1 Recap

June 7, 2016 Oi Hua Lee

Introducing RL HUB

HUB will be your new home and destination for all your interactions with RL Solutions. Learn from other users on RL Community, access information through Knowledge Base, and get up to speed on system best practices.

In RL Community, you now have a network of peers you can check in with to ask questions about products, how organizations are using their data or even if a hospital has a similar challenge.
Learn more at www.rlsolutions.com/introducinghub

Things we heard

"Patient feedback is a predictor of quality and issues, it's your real-time patient story. Your organization needs to be willing to hear negative feedback and see it as an opportunity. Feedback and quality are partners, not adversaries." – Virgie Mosley, Manager Patient Experience, UCLA Health
Session: The Impact of Patient Complaints, Grievances and Appeals on Patient Satisfaction, Measured by HCAHPS

"The actions taken on patient safety walkrounds are making people more comfortable with reporting." – Lea Cyr, Patient Safety Coordinator, Maine Medical Center
Session: Proactive Patient Safety: Maine Medical Center's Executive WalkRounds Process Supported & Tracked

Oh what a night!

At RL Palooza, it’s never all work and no play. After a day of learning, connecting and sharing, we help attendees let loose with some great evening events. Last year, we shut down the streets of New Orleans for our own Mardi Gras Parade! This year, we took over the Ripley’s Aquarium for an underwater adventure. Here, attendees ate and mingled amongst the sharks, sting rays and jelly fish. Some lucky attendees got a behind the scenes tour—those of who didn’t were happy just to be in such a cool space!

Stay tuned for our Day 2 recap!


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