RL Palooza - Day 2 Recap

June 8, 2016 Oi Hua Lee

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An out of this world keynote!
What a great second day! We kicked things off with an amazing and inspiring keynote delivered by Commander Chris Hadfield. Now, Mr. Hadfield can add attending RL Palooza to his very impressive resume—not that much of a loser after all!

Let’s all start taking risks in the relentless pursuit of information. And remember, failure is okay—success on the first time is a bad teacher.

Things we heard
"You can always do something. You can't always fix it, but you can always do something." – Carol Santalucia, President, Santalucia Group
Session: The Evolution of Patient Advocacy: Responding to the demands of the patient experience movement
"If you support the teams with good data, then they have something to talk about every week! You can't do this without a strong reporting system."
Dr. Tom Peterson, VP of Quality, SCL Health
Session: A One Safety Program
The unveil…
It’s become a bit of a tradition that we make our Wednesday night event a big surprise for our attendees, and this year was no different. This year we headed to Toronto’s historic Distillery District where we were greeted by a tattoo parlor, our very funny and energetic host, James Cunningham of the Food Network’s Eat Street, and celebrity chef—Susur Lee!  

Attendees who were brave enough to stand in the spotlight got to mingle with James and cook with Susur! How cool is that?!


Stay tuned for our day 3 recap!

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