[Part 1] Speaker Spotlight Series - RL Palooza 2019

April 29, 2019 RL Team

Our RL clients inspire us everyday. Meet some of our speakers for this year's conference.  As we're celebrating coming together, while embracing what makes us unique - our speakers tell us what unique traits help them with their everyday roles in patient safety. 

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Adella Kelly is the Patient Representative Manager and has 15 years of experience in patient advocacy, including creating Patient Relation Departments for two hospital systems in Atlanta. 

Adella has a calming spirit that deescalates intense encounters quickly. She has a strong desire to support patients and families during their moments of crisis. She uses this skill in her daily role as a patient advocate by providing a sense of calm and compassion while assisting the clinical leadership in finding a solutions or just being the support a family needs during a difficult time.

Session: Traveling Through a Journey in Managing Disruptive Behaviors

  •  Thursday | Session 11, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Bedside clinicians can often face stressful and sometimes abusive interactions with patients, families and visitors. To combat such issues, teams at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta leverage the Code Purple Responder team to provide staff the support they need in those situations. Learn how the data collected through the RL software successfully captured trends to help increase support throughout the hospital system. Join this session to travel through a journey from a multidisciplinary team approach to support patient and workplace safety in a timely and decisive manner.

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Taj Qureshi, MPH is a Quality Improvement Project Manager for the Silverman Institute for Health Care Quality and Safety. Her current scope of work includes Workplace Violence Prevention; Respect and Dignity; Communication, Apology, and Resolution (CARe) Program; Peer Support Program; Interventional Procedures Committee; and the RL Safety Reporting System.

Taj manages her projects with positivity and enthusiasm, while actively reflecting on how he can improve his work and overcome daily changes. 

Session: Workplace Violence Can't Be the Norm

  •  Thursday | Session 10, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Health care workers are increasingly facing significant risks for workplace violence (WPV). The Prevention of WPV Committee at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) took action to decrease that risk with the implementation of a well-informed WPV prevention program. Hear about the benefits provided by the data collected in RL's Safety Reporting System in understanding the prevalence and severity of the problem. Join the session to learn how BIDMC successfully planned and launched various interventions aimed at improving reporting practices and reducing episodes of WPV.

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Brady is a Senior Patient Relations Specialist. He has been with Christiana Care for 11 years and has a BS in Human Resource Management. Brady supports the Patient Experience Department, is the R2L System Admin for the Feedback Module and a member of the RL Governance Committee. Brady continues to partner with key stakeholders throughout his health system to deliver an innovative, effective Patient Relations grievance management model.

Brady's roots in his congregration and faith reflects in everything he does. It's important to him that he treats every interaction with colleagues and patients with dignity and respect. What makes him truly unique, according to his peers, is not only how he communicates, but how his body language reflects quaities of compassoin, humility, empathy and a genuine care for others. His ability to listen without being distracted, and having the upmost respect for everyone, is what makes him unique in his interactions. 

Session: Collaborating to Innovate the Future of Feedback

Patient Relations team at Christiana Care Health System wanted to innovate the use of RL's Feedback module to advance their grievance management process. Join this session to hear how they collaborated with their optimization specialist to accomplish that goal. Topics include: substantiating grievances & concerns in accordance with Just Culture, adding true takeaway values to all the data that is measured, streamlining the review and follow up of files, identifying areas of opportunity, as well as resolving grievances & concerns and providing quantifiable value-added data supporting Patient Relations service delivery.

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