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June 27, 2017 Guest Author

Looking for some summer learning? Our upcoming series of summer webinars could be the perfect solution. From mitigating top patient safety concerns to producing reports your leadership will want to read, our experts are ready to ramp up your summer curriculum.

The Evolving Landscape of Infection Prevention - On Demand

Infection control is constantly in flux. As a result, flexibility is now one of the most crucial traits in infection control and prevention teams. In this webinar, you'll learn about the increasing overlap between infection prevention, quality and risk teams, the benefits of this multidisciplinary approach and how surveillance software can help you achieve your infection prevention goals. 

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ECRI's Top 10 Patient Safety List - On Demand

Patient safety is top-of-mind for all healthcare organizations. But deciding where to direct patient safety initiatives can be a challenge with tighter budgets. To help guide your patient safety initiatives, this webinar will cover the top 10 list of patient safety concerns from the ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Organization and will give you strategies to help mitigate them. 

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Peer Review Implementation in a Large Multi-Facility Healthcare System - August 16, 1PM EST

Implementing new processes for peer review is always challenging, but that challenge is multi-fold for multi-facility healthcare systems. BayCare Health will share their journey implementing RL6:PeerReview, including how they educated staff and got creative to develop a system that meets their system's needs. 

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Conducting RCAs as a Patient Safety Initiative - TBD

The team at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute believe in taking a proactive approach to conducting root causes analyses. In this webinar, they will share four areas they hope root cause can improve, how they streamlined their root cause process and how to develop reports that senior leadership want to read. 

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Going on vacation? We've got you covered. Register anyways and we'll send you a recording. Check out our complete list of on-demand webinars. 

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