The 2018 Trailblazer Award

Tina Dao & Samantha Relich

This year we launched the Trailblazer Award in recognition of RL clients who have made an impact in their organization and the healthcare community. 

We received over 40 nominations this year - and we wish that we had over 40 Trailblazer Awards to give away. Each nominee has had impact in their own way, whether mentoring colleagues and friends and demonstrating boundless positivity or driving change through effective and creative solutions. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination. It was a very tough decision, but we're excited to announce that our three finalists are......

Mary O'Quinn, Senior Director Quality & Compliance at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge and the Director of Patient Safety & Risk Management at the Spaulding Rehab Network. 

Every organization should be fortunate enough to have the leadership of Mary O’Quinn.  She is an incredible advocate for safety initiatives throughout the Spaulding Network.  She works tirelessly to not only maintain, but to continuously improve upon safety initiatives for our patients, staff and environment.  Mary is also the first to acknowledge and celebrate both individual and group initiatives that foster excellence.  She recognizes the value of knowledge that can be gained from both challenges and celebrations.  Her approach is always, “what can we learn” and “how can we improve”. (Submitted by Mary's nominator). 

Laura Mattimoe, Patient Safety Coordinator and Lead Administrator for RLDatix at ProMedica  

Laura has done a tremendous amount of work around making the application easier to use, generating relevant reports and most importantly, integrating the RL structure with our High Reliability journey. Laura has been a champion in disseminating the message that "We report events, not people." As a direct result, we have been able to link our reporting efforts to our fair and just culture which has added synergy to High Reliability program. Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a highly valued member of our organization. (Submitted by Laura's nominator). 

Nicole Iarrobino, Senior Project Administrator at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Nicole has worked tirelessly to bring our entire health system on to the RL6 Feedback System. Nicole’s greatest attribute is her ability to strike a balance between the needs of the users and the implications of how these changes will impact data collection and the entire health system ability to report consistently. Nicole is affectionately known as the “RL Warden”, as any major change is vetted through her. Thanks, Warden, for ensuring that we are utilizing the system in the best way possible and facilitating useful, Enterprise wide data collection and reporting! (Submitted by Nicole's nominator). 

The winner of the 2018 Trailblazer Award will be announced next week on July 18 at RL Palooza! 

Congratulations also to all of this year's nominees and for the work you do to support safe, quality care:

Trenya Garner, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

Amina Khan, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 

Andrew Hall, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Indira Padubidri, Massachusetts General Hospital 

Jill Deimerly, McFarland Clinic

Cathy Harmer, Main Line Health 

Alison Butler, Eastern Maine Health System 

Kelly Beauchamps, Lehigh Valley Health Network 

Donna Anderson, NGHS

Denise Chreene, Texas Health Resources 

Amy St. Pierre, Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital 

Kaylee Olsen, Flagler Hospital 

Casey Engel, Barnes-Jewish Hospital 

Teresa Panchisin, Christiana Care Health System 

Joyce Najarian, Lehigh Valley Health Network 

Yasen Ilayel, Hamad Medical Corporation 

David Phillips, CancerCare Manitoba 

Mary Kennedy, Massachusetts Eye and Ear 

Samantha Sheldon, Canton-Potsdam Hospital 

Jamie Clarke, Canterbury District Health Board 

Lorraine Inglis, Mackenzie Health 

Donna Anderson, Northeast Georgia Medical Center 

Chris Roth, Gundersen Health System 

Gabby Hansen, Gundersen Health System 

Kristen Rees, Jerold Phelps Community Hospital 

Tiffany Parkerr, Hendrick Health System 

Sarah Williams, Brigham and Women's Hospital 

Michael Levine, Martin Luther King Community Hospital 

Andrea Shellman, Brigham and Women's College Hospital 

Candace Williams, Novant Health 

Kevin O'Bryant, Vanderbilt Medical Center 

Heather Engel, Craig Hospital 

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