The Citizens of Healthcare Project

March 16, 2016 Sonia Hong

Immersed in the healthcare space, we’re lucky to be part of an industry that affects everybody. From how we’re brought into this world to the quality of our lives, we hear amazing patient stories all the time. Stories of strength, resilience and recovery. But, we often forget about the individuals who are at heart of healthcare—the people behind it that make these stories possible.

Whether it’s the first responder who holds the hand of someone who has just lost a child or the nurse who has dedicated her life to caring for marginalized communities, one thing is for certain: the healthcare space needs an outlet for these individuals to share their stories. Not only the stories of hardship, but also of hope.

The Citizens of Healthcare project aims to shed light on the world few of us hear from, and to provide a platform where people can celebrate their healthcare providers or peers. We want people to nominate individuals who not only contribute to the world of healthcare, but empower and inspire with their lives. We want to find the stories that paint a picture of what it’s really like. By sharing these stories, our goal is to provide perspective on the strength and dedication of those behind the industry and their lived experiences. Citizens of Healthcare hopes to inspire empathy from inside the complex world of healthcare, which affects us all.

Who should I nominate? 
Be it a researcher who works to find a cure, a doctor who shares powerful bonds with her patients, or the patient advocate who has dedicated his life to champion quality improvement, we want to share all these remarkable stories. We know that there are a ton of amazing individuals out there who deserved to be recognized but are beyond our reach, which is why we need everyone’s help finding them.

Visit to nominate someone you know.

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