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Kaitlyn Whelan and Sonia Hong

It was an interesting month as heads all around the world turned to watch the United States enter the Trump-era. Healthcare is a huge focus with this leadership change as Americans and the world remain unsure of what the future holds. So, this month we turned our lens onto the politics of healthcare, focusing on the most important part of it—the people.

How Personal Politics Enter Your Doctor’s Office
A new survey lists observations between a doctor’s political views and its effect on their diagnosis and treatment for patients. What does this mean for both the physician and patient?

The Heroism of Incremental Care 
A lengthy, story-driven article published in the New Yorker explores the role of incremental care for patients as opposed to viewing medicine as an “episodic need”. As chronic illness becomes a commonplace, and the rise of health monitoring with technology increases, how can we look at long-term health care differently?

Taxonomy of Burden
“A potent visualization of patient experience of illness & treatment.” This chart helps people understand the burden of not only having an illness, but how the burden of treatment effects their lives as part of a bigger picture. 

Why Trumps Obamacare Promise Will Be So Hard to Keep
Trumps promise for healthcare has been a big one—all Americans have coverage and no one pays more money, including the government. It’s a big, bold promise that’s instilled a lot of hope in Americans. However, skepticism looms heavy in the air due to one unanswered question: How?

Patient Rights Should Be a Bipartisan Issue
Dr. Jane Zhu reinforces the need for patient rights and healthcare to be seen as a moral necessity-not a political crux. 


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