Things we Read and Loved

Kaitlyn Whelan and Sonia Hong

Healthcare doesn’t stand still, whether through a movement that starts a battle cry or policy that shapes the face of care. This is why we love staying up to date on all things healthcare! Here are some stories we read this month that have inspire us to think a little differently and do the work that we do. Take a look and tell us what you think!

When Epidemics Go Viral
As the internet becomes more powerful method to circulate information, this article takes an in-depth look at how social media intersects with government and public opinion, when it comes to epidemics.

Living as a Man, Fighting Breast Cancer: How Trans People Face Care Gaps
This powerful New York Times piece explores the physical and psychological effects of a breast cancer diagnosis on a young transman.

How to Empower Kids to Make Informed Health Decisions
At what age should children be included in making decisions about their own health? This article looks at how to empower and educate children and adolescents contribute and make informed choices.

VS: The New Campaign from the Hospital for Sick Children
If you haven’t seen this video yet, the jaw-dropping new campaign from Sick Kids in Toronto takes a new approach to how the media portrays patients and illness. We couldn’t peel our eyes away from this gripping video and its overall message of empowerment.

Tech talk: Google Glass, smart patient rooms and voice recognition
While Google Glass did not have a mainstream success, it is finding new ground with healthcare providers.


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Things We Read and Loved
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