Top 5 Reasons to Choose Remote System Admin

March 8, 2016 Farrah Dastur

Every RL client has full product support by phone and email from our support team, plus access to RL's online support center. But sometimes you need a little more assistance. That's where Remote System Administration (RSA) comes in. 

RSA is a service where an RL system expert will remotely maintain your software and configure your pick lists, forms, reports, alerts and more. 

Think RSA might be right for your organization? Here are 5 reasons to pick RSA:

  1. A dedicated system administrator. Every RSA client is assigned a system administrator to remotely maintain its RL6 software. Your RSA rep will also build pick lists, reports, forms, reports, alerts and more—whatever your organization needs. And they'll do all the work directly within your system via a secure data connection.

  2. No need to worry about staff turnover: With RSA, you don't need to worry if your resident RL6 expert isn't there! RL staff have all of the necessary knowledge and expertise to keep your system running smoothly.

    When NorthShore University Health System's system coordinator decided to relocate, its management team turned to RL to fill the gap. NorthShore subscribed to the RSA service and maintained service while the organization sought out a replacement. Read more 

  3. Ongoing system health checks: Your RSA rep will perform regular assessments of your system to identify opportunities for improvement, streamline system use and prevent issues before they happen. Keep an eye on the blog for more about the benefits of system health checks!

  4. Stay on top of the latest trends: RL will make recommendations to optimize your system to ensure you're collecting the right data. You'll have regular consultations to discuss how to get the most out of RL6 in relation to your strategic goals for patient safety and satisfaction.

  5. Take the update burden off your IT team. With RSA, you'll get full administrative support for updates & upgrades, including technical tasks and identifiying key enhancements. 

Remote System Administration allowed us to continue our core business without causing a significant disruption to our information system, which was valuable to us.

Peggy King

SVP Risk Management & Legal Affairs, NorthShore University Health System

Think RSA is right for you? We want to tell you more!

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