What the AHA's Quest for Quality Means to RLDatix

At last month’s AHA Health Leadership Forum in San Diego, it was announced that RLDatix has been recognized as the American Hospital Association’s Champion Sponsor for Quality.

It is a new recognition that the AHA is sharing with qualified, long standing partners, who have shown a commitment to the values and objectives that the association pursues on behalf of its member organizations.

As an endorsed partner since 2009, RLDatix has had the privilege of working closely with the AHA for close to 9 years. Being the first partner organization to achieve "Champion Sponsor" status adds an extra element of pride to all of us at RLDatix. 

It reflects the strong relationship our two organizations have built, and highlights the trust that has been fostered for close to a decade.This recognition, however, is more than a reward for our past successes. Instead, it is a stake in the ground as we forge ahead on a new journey together.

This new journey is still being defined, but one thing is for sure, we are excited to get started.


A Strong Foundation to Build On 

RLDatix owes it to our partners at the AHA to deliver on the incredibly high expectations that this designation entails. We also owe it to the AHA’s members – many of which are RL clients – to continue to be an innovator and partner in quality management in healthcare.

The relationships that we have forged with some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations has brought us to this point. Without their commitment, trust, and patience, RLDatix would not be the company it is today - 20 years after we stepping into business in the heathcare technology space. 

For us at RLDatix, this is now an opportunity to amplify the trust and goodwill that we have been so lucky to have over the past two decades. We plan to do this by continuing to listen to the needs of our clients, and by being confident enough to pursue the paths that we feel will lead to real and true change in quality and patient safety.

We also plan to take an even more active role in our partnership with the AHA, starting with our sponsorship of the AHA Quest for Quality Prize.

According to Thomas Burke, M.D., Quest for Quality Prize Committee Chairman and a University of Texas M.D. Anderson Center professor of gynecological oncology and reproductive medicine, the 2018 Prize seeks to promote “new thinking, innovation and creativity about the populations we serve. We want to identify those organizations that are moving on to the next echelon.”

Sanjay Malaviya, founder of RL Solutions, sees the Quest for Quality Prize as an opportunity to connect at a deeper with healthcare organizations around the country. “When the Quest for Quality opportunity came along, we saw it as an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with the AHA and show our commitment to helping our clients achieve their quality and patient safety goals. We are excited to have the opportunity to do our part in the quest for quality, by supporting organizations and initiatives across the country that are striving for quality health care”

As a software company, RLDatix believes that there is a tremendous opportunity for technology to change the quality landscape for the better in healthcare. Right now, we are working with our clients to find new ways to deliver on the ultimate experience of healing, preventing harm, and treating everyone – staff and patients alike – with dignity and respect.

We are tremendously excited about this new chapter in our journey, and motivated to deliver on the expectations that this honor demands. 

For more information visit the AHA's website. 


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