Why You Should Apply for the 2019 AHA Quest for Quality Prize

September 22, 2017 Kate Zaparanuik

Applications for the AHA’s Quest for Quality Prize are now open. The prize recognizes healthcare organizations who are leaders in quality improvement and advancing health in communities across the US. At RL, we're proud to sponsor this award as the AHA's Champion Sponsor for Quality.

In just a few short weeks, applications for the 2019 prize will close. If this is your first time hearing about the prize or if you're on the fence about applying here are three reasons to nominate your organization today. 

  1. Join the ranks of leaders in quality improvement

Since 2002, the AHA Quest for Quality Prize has recognized the works of hospitals that are pushing boundaries and transforming how we think about quality in healthcare. From Missouri Baptist Medical Center to Memorial Medical Center, the winners of the prize have truly embodied the AHA’s phrase, “Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence.”

  1. Inclusive applications

Each Quest for Quality Prize application has four parts; they cover your quality improvement work and demographics and are supplemented by attachments or appendixes. You can apply as an individual hospital or as a health care system. Learn more about the application requirements and process on the AHA’s website.

  1. Support your hospital’s quality aims  

So many hospitals across the US are changing the way people experience healthcare by making it safer, more efficient and more people-centric. There are so many ways to improve quality in healthcare – don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase the work that your hospital is doing and to leverage the prize to continue to invest in quality improvement work. There is one winner and two finalists; and up to four merit honorees. Prizes for the winner and each finalist will be awarded at the 2019 AHA Leadership Summit in San Diego, July 25-27.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to recognize and support the work your hospital is doing to improve quality of care.

Why is RL committed to quality healthcare? Read about what the Quest for Quality means to us.


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