Things We Read and Loved: The Digital Patient Experience

Increasingly, the words "digital" and "healthcare" are a natural fit together. 

More than ever, healthcare providers and receivers are relying on digital health to improve outcomes and the way care is being delivered to patients. 

As patients, how many times have we self-diagnosed on the internet before even stepping foot in a physician's office? As providers, how essential is technology to accessing critical patient information? In many ways, technology isn't just a tool in healthcare anymore - it's an essential partner. 

Two of this month's readings took us on a deep-dive into technology's potential to transform patient experiences - and one takes us back to a critical skill that no technology could ever replace. 

3 Ways Social Media Revolutionized Medical Care

At ASHRM 2017, we learned that, “60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.” This blog takes a look at how social media has transformed modern healthcare – and how finding ground on social platforms may be the key to improving patient experience.

As the Physician Shortage Grows, Healthcare Embraces AI Technology

It’s no secret that with the rate the world’s population is growing, which means that we can expect a shortage of physicians. The industry however cannot put a hiatus on delivery of care. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in. This piece unpacks the opportunity for AI in the healthcare space and where it may lead us as healthcare evolves.

Listening is a Lost Art in Medicine. Here’s How to Rediscover It.

This article in the Harvard Business Review, takes us back to an essential skill in medicine, that the authors of the piece believe has slipped away as technology has taken a more prominent role in healthcare. What is that all-important skill? You guessed it: listening. 

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