Things We Read and Loved: Global Health

Kaitlyn Whelan and Sonia Hong

In this month’s Things We Read and Loved, we acknowledge the sometimes-scary reality that health doesn’t have borders. These articles unpack the complexities of large-scale global health challenges and solutions, from cyber attacks to a future without pandemics. 

Public Health 3.0: A Blueprint For The Future Of Public Health 
As how we live continues to evolve, so will our basic health needs. This article takes a look at how public health may change as the world around us does.

Healthcare Organizations, It’s Time To Wake Up
Adam Dole takes a look at how technological disruption can shape a new kind of patient experience. He predicts that technology can change the way providers can interact with and provide care to patients

What We Know and What We Don’t Know about the International Cyberattack
A new ransomware attack called “WannaCry” took the world by storm last week affecting over 70 countries, as well as healthcare organizations. While a ‘kill switch’ was found and a patch introduced by Microsoft, the attack left a lot of organizations needing to re-evaluate their cyber-defence.

Fentanyl Outbreak is Changing the Way First Responders Do Their Jobs
The Atlantic takes a look at how the potency of Fentanyl and Carfentanil is changing the way people first-on-the-scene do their jobs. A lethal dose of Carfentanil is the size of only 2 grains of salt, which puts responders’ health at risk. 

An End to Pandemics Is Within Reach, But We Must Redouble Efforts Now 
In this opinion piece, Daniel Schar argues that it is possible for us to end pandemics, but only if governments and health organizations shift their priorities. He discusses that a concerted effort around education, research and prevention of infectious diseases can be our most effective tool.

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