The Sky's The Limit: Get More Out of Your RL Software

September 25, 2017 Anjali Arya

We know that healthcare organizations believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to improving patient safety and quality in healthcare. At RL, we want you to feel the same about using our software.

To help you achieve all your goals with the RL software, we have created Premier Success Plans, which provide a personalized approach to helping you achieve your strategic goals. Whether you are looking to get the most out of your system, accelerate your results or have more time to focus on improving patient safety, RL’s Premier Success Plans can help you get there.

“Premier Success Plans are for any client that sees value in optimizing and expanding their use of the software,” says Sheryl Moran, vice-president of Client Success at RL.

Whether you’ve just gone live, or you’re an established user of RL software or you need help with a special project, Premier Success Plans give you that extra level of hands-on assistance to get the most out of your software and to be there for your internal resources to support their learning and development.

“Premier Success Plans are really intended to elevate the whole client experience to a higher level than what clients can access through our regular support channels,” says Moran, “Not only do Premier Success Plans include ad added level of service where RL experts work directly in your software on a day-to-day basis, the plans also bundle in value-added benefits such as RL Rewards, free RL Palooza passes, discounts on add-on services, and much more.”

One of the primary benefits of RL’s Premier Success Plans is our Remote System Optimization (RSO) Services, previously known as RSA, offered by our Client Success Team. Your dedicated Optimization Specialist (OS) is a system expert who will remotely configure and administer your software, including forms design, report building, alert management, and more. The RSO service offers your organization peace of mind through:

  • Worry-free system configuration and maintenance,
  • Freeing up your time spent on system administration to let you focus on what really matters,
  • Optimization of the system based on best practices,
  • Ensuring against software administration disruptions due to staff turnover,
  • Saving time and money on training and special system administration requests and
  • Completion of special projects that you may not have the time or skills needed to complete.

“It really is like having another person on your team. Our RSO is the go-to person for all levels of support with our system,” says Ivy Kolvan, Patient Safety Coordinator, University of California Office of the President.  

From RSO to Palooza and much, much more, Premier Success Plans provide you with the best RL can offer to help you reach new heights.

Learn more about Premier Success Plans. 


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As part of the marketing team at RL, Anjali is passionate about innovation in healthcare. When she's not learning about new client initiatives or helping to plan RL Palooza, you can find her escaping to her next adventure.

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