Using Quick Submit to Optimize Experiences for Frontline Staff

November 30, 2018



In 2017, Barnes-Jewish Hospital embarked on a journey to improve how staff interacted with their risk management software. The goal was to improve reporting, staff interaction and change the overall perception that the electronic system was “burdensome” to submit to. Learn how a Quick Submit form was created to minimize the time spent away from the bedside, while maximizing reporting.

Join us in this webinar as the presenters share their journey about:

  • Evaluation of current time spent by front line staff on safety incidents
  • Implementing a new form by comparing "need to know" with "nice to know" information
  • Results from the system changes



Casey Engel

Casey began her career at BJC nine years ago where she started as an intern supporting the Safety Event System. In 2013, she was a lead on the system-wide implementation team that rolled out RL to all 11 BJC hospitals. In 2015, she accepted a position, in Risk Management, at Barnes-Jewish Hospital where she continues to support the RL Solutions software and implements new ideas to improve reporting and workflow.

Katie Wallis

Katie began her career as a critical care nurse. She obtained her master’s in nursing with an emphasis in nursing leadership. Over the past eight years her positions have been focused on regulatory compliance and patient safety. She is currently the manager for Patient Safety, Risk & Clinical Compliance at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, which is a large academic medical center affiliated with Washington University with over 1000 inpatient beds.

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Using Quick Submit to Optimize Experiences for Frontline Staff
Using Quick Submit to Optimize Experiences for Frontline Staff

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