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COVID- 19 RL6 Form Design RLDatix Page 7 of 9 March 24, 2020 Step 4: Build the Forms Structure - Sections The COVID-19 form has 5 new sections: COVID-19 General, COVID-19 Details, Employee Interactions & Activities, Adherence to Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) and Accidental Exposure to Biological Material. The form also requires the use of the Person Affected section which captures the Patient Demographics and the Employee Information. Create the new sections, configure the Person Affected section and add the common sections as your organization sees fit. See the COVID-19 Incident Report taxonomy for further details. 1. Navigate to Admin Center Forms 2. Select Module – Risk 3. Click the Sections Tab 4. Click Add Unique COVID-19 Sections (in order): • COVID-19 General o General Event Type o Specific Event Type (optional) o Type of Person Affected • Person Affected (Patient Demographics / Employee Information) • COVID-19 Details • Employee Interactions & Activities • Adherence to Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) • Accidental Exposure to Biological Material Common Sections (optional): • When and Where Event Occurred • Parties Involved • Attachments

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