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COVID- 19 RL6 Form Design RLDatix Page 8 of 9 March 24, 2020 Step 5: Add the New Sections to the Form The COVID-19 form contains sections pertaining to a patient, visitor or employee event. As a result all new sections need to be added to the form and conditioned to appear based on the Type of Person Affected field. See the COVID-19 Incident Report taxonomy for further details. Once all sections are built: 1. Navigate to Admin Center Forms 2. Select the Forms Tab 3. Click Add 4. Create a Submission form by adding the following sections: • COVID-19 General • Person Affected (Patient Demographics / Employee Information) • COVID-19 Details • Employee Interactions & Activities • Adherence to Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) • Accidental Exposure to Biological Material Optional Sections • When and Where Event Occurred • Parties Involved • Attachments 5. Click Save at the top of the Submission form and be sure to select the File Type "COVID-19" 6. Create a Management form by copying the new Submission Form and adding the following sections: • Follow-up • Resolutions & Outcomes 7. Click Save at top of the Management form and be sure to select the File Type "COVID-19" To link the Type of Person Affected field to the appropriate section such that when Patient is selected, only the patient sections appear OR when Employee is selected, only the employee sections appear follow the below: 1. Navigate to Employee Interactions & Activities section 2. Under the General Tab, create an ID (i.e EmployeeInteractions) 3. Copy the ID 4. Click Save 5. Navigate to the Sections Tab and open the COVID-19 General section 6. Select the Type of Person Affected field, under Properties, click the Check List tab 7. Paste the copied ID into the Extra Sections field • NOTE: Additional extra sections must be separated by a comma "," 8. Click Save 9. Repeat the above steps for all the new unique sections

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