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© 2020 RLDatix - All information stated in the brochure is correct at time of printing and subject to change without notice. What else does Safety Learnings offer you? A built-in voting process allows staff across the organisation to identify the most useful and applicable learnings, offering the opportunity to pro-actively engage with learning processes. Community of learnings create one version of the truth and verify your organisational learnings, with a structured draft, review and publication process. Comprehensive learnings workflow Standardised and custom fields allow a blend of best practice and configurability. You can map the module to your current way of working and localise the processes to your organisation. Configurability create and assign tailored action plans to relevant users, ensuring learnings are implemented and acted upon, driving real- life quality improvement. Action Plans Targeted improvements Easily identify and pin-point key areas of learning by linking safety learnings to specific locations, services and contacts across your organisation. A link to the associated reporting tool allows you to report and easily share all information within the Safety Learnings module. Theme reporting

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