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Debriefs for Meaningful Learning

September 27, 2019
{"id":7073456,"title":"Debriefs for Meaningful Learning","created_at":1569592588,"description":"Although managers may be at the top of their \u201cclinical game\u201d, they may lack the critical thinking skills necessary for understanding how to recognize and problem solve around the individual, team, and system failures associated with their safety events. For example, nurse managers may not always understand how to apply systems thinking to their work, so in addition to critical thinking skills, nurse managers need better education on systems thinking as well. \r\n\r\nThe issue of nurse managers lacking adequate critical thinking is occurring within the clinical setting more frequently as nurses are quickly promoted up the ranks as seasoned nurses retire. With higher than normal staffing ratios, complex patient cases, and advanced technology, nurse managers must be able to problem solve effectively and think critically! The consequences for clinical managers lacking critical thinking and systems thinking skills negatively impacts the care of patients and satisfaction of staff. \r\n\r\nThis webinar discusses the benefits of holding structured debriefs in all health care settings.","duration":"00:50:00","url":"\/\/play.vidyard.com\/duAKrQrzuZ3bJH7j4asAhj","thumbnail":"https:\/\/play.vidyard.com\/duAKrQrzuZ3bJH7j4asAhj.jpg"}
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