Proud to be Named a Leading Provider of Credentialing Services by KLAS: Key Findings and Customer Reviews

January 12, 2021 RLDatix Marketing

KLAS Research recently announced that Verge Health, now part of RLDatix, has been rated a leading provider of Credentialing Services in the 2020 KLAS Credentialing Report. The report titled “Who is Meeting Emergent Provider Needs During COVID-19,” focuses on how well solutions address the most prevalent and pressing credentialing challenges, including remote credentialing, emergency and urgent approvals, telehealth credentialing and out of state approvals. 

KLAS’ report offers a detailed review of how credentialing organizations are meeting the needs of their customers amidst the pandemic. We’re highlighting some of the key findings from the report and how RLDatix continues to support our customers with robust and adaptable technology 

Remote Credentialing Capabilities Outpace the Market 

Our credentialing tool offers users an interactive web portal, empowering healthcare staff to respond seamlessly and effectively during COVID-19. When it comes to remote credentialing, we received a near-perfect customer rating. We help ensure that physicians and other involved parties move tasks forward during the approval processwhich is supported by our credentialing specialists taking a proactive approach by sending updates to customers and encouraging quick approvals. The excellent hands-on service from our staff combined with a consultative approach are strong differentiators driving satisfaction among  users.  

Verge Health’s [now RLDatix] support for remote credentialing is very good. The remote credentialing process is easy. Prior to using Verge Health’s [now RLDatix’s] product, we had our own database. We didn’t have all the bells and whistles that Verge Health’s [now RLDatix’s] product has. Their system is very professional, polished, and organized. The package is nice, and we are able to share information with surveyors who are asking for it. When an entity has a polished product, it sets the tone that people know what they are doing and are doing it well.”   

Consistently Meets or Exceeds Expectations for Emergency Credentialing 

Urgent or emergency credentialing are critical instances where healthcare organizations need their vendor to act quickly. RLDatix has exceeded expectations for emergency credentialing by rapidly devoting resources to move these situations forward. Customers have indicated that RLDatix actively tracks regional needs to help ensure that organizations are equipped with what they need in order to add extra staff when necessary.  

“The vendor has met and exceeded our needs, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. The vendor has assisted in getting a good amount of people hired emergently. For those that we have been able to hire and bring on full time through the company, the vendor has been very helpful. Verge Health’s [now RLDatix’s] services would be something that I would look into again if we were in the market. The vendor does a very good job of avoiding nickel-and-diming. Our future satisfaction will remain high unless the vendor does something drastic.”  

“With COVID-19, we have done a ton of emergency credentialing, and Verge Health [now RLDatix] has done an outstanding job of keeping up with our needs. We have a normal cycle. Certain times of the year may be extremely busy, and RLDatix knows ahead of time that we need to add extra staff to our location. During COVID-19, we had to scramble to get enough people to cover the COVID-19 patients. But Verge Health [now RLDatix] jumped in right away. We put in a new workflow, which has gone very well." 

Seen as Strong Go-Forward Partner 

COVID-19 has shed light on the importance of long-term partnerships between credentialing vendors and organizations. Vendors need to offer strong long-term support to provider organizations, and it’s beneficial for provider organizations to work with a long-term vendor partner, as this partnership directly impacts perceived outcomes. KLAS’ research report indicates that not only do customers view RLDatix as a partner, but that they also report that RLDatix continuously updates solution capabilities to meet customers’ evolving needs. Customers also reported that RLDatix proactively anticipates client needs across both the industry level and individual customer level 

The vendor is a partner because of their willingness to listen and to work with the strategic plans of our health system. The vendor ensures that their product can support our vision and judgment. The vendor listens and responds to what end users need and want. That is the vendor’s strength.   

We work very closely with Verge Health [now RLDatix]. They help us on a day-to-day basis. They call us every single day. We have a good working relationship. Verge Health [now RLDatix] has goals. The vendor’s upper management meets with the management here. They tell us about new ideas that are coming up or things we have wanted that the vendor is now offering. Verge Health [now RLDatix] offers quarterly updates through pop-ups. When we have any questions about the product, we can often watch a video. We can also call and ask the vendor. Verge Health [now RLDatix] is very good at offering education.”   

 A Key Component of RLDatix’s Applied Safety Intelligence™ Framework  

KLAS’ recognition of RLDatix’s turnkey credentialing solution and high rankings from customers further establishes RLDatix as a driving force in the future of credentialing. As we focus on shifting the industry from a reactive to proactive approach to safety, credentialing will continue to serve as a critical component of the Provider Management pillar in RLDatix’s Applied Safety Intelligence™ framework. We are proud to offer a solution that equips healthcare organizations with the tools they need to create an optimal process for credentialing, privileging and performance monitoring, while supporting safe, high-quality patient care and committee effectiveness. 

To learn more about KLAS’ credentialing report and how RLDatix is supporting healthcare organizations’ credentialing initiativesclick here.  

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