Hot Off the HUB - Our Most Discussed Topics in July

August 3, 2016 Tina Dao

RL HUB is a great resource for clients to learn, share and interact with the RL Community. With tons of great tips and tricks being exchanged daily, we’ve rounded up some of our hottest topics this month, take a look!


How to ensure your search results aren’t lost

Kevin Smart from McLaren Health Care was frustrated that his search results kept disappearing when he navigated back into the search screen. A client shared that the search results only “disappear” if the user selects the search icon instead of properly exiting out of the file they have opened. After a search has generated results and a user would like to view each of the files from that search they must select the EXIT option on the bottom right corner of the file, this will then close the file and prompt them back to their original search results.


Customizing Watchdog Alerts

Individuals at Mercy Health shared a Watchdog Alert they built in RL6 that notifies a user whenever their assigned tasks have been marked complete.


Complete Default Value Variable List

Nafis Khan from Children’s National Medical Center asked what other variables reporters were using for default fields in a file in RL6. In response, RL shared a full comprehensive list of variables you can use. Make the process of entering data more automated and save yourself some time.


‘Didja Know Friday’ Tip of the Month

Every Friday, users can log in to HUB to learn best practice tips and tricks from friendly faces at RL.

When a new file manager is created, update the recipient list of a schedule to make sure the File Manager will receive alerts or automated reports. You should also edit the condition of the alert/report so that it only sends alerts starting from the day it was edited.

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