Capturing Nurses' Perspectives for Quality of Care

The pressure is on for change in healthcare, with high expectations for safe, quality, accessible, affordable and patient-centered care. More than ever, achieving safe, quality care is a team pursuit. 

This pursuit requires accurate, timely and insightful information – and who better than nurses – from frontline staff to chief nursing officer – to provide insights into the successes and challenges on the floor.

It’s a unique perspective. As a nurse, you can answer questions and fill in the gaps that no one else can. When the question is “what happened?” often a nurse also has insights into where and when it occurred, why it happened and how it can be resolved or prevented from happening again. 

But, of course, you don’t have to tell a nurse that.

Research shows that, “Nursing has consistently embraced an approach to care that is holistic, inclusive of patients, families and communities and oriented toward empowering patients in their care to assume a responsibility for self and disease management.”

The key is to collect these perspectives and insights, aggregate the data and identify trends and patterns that can be used to inform change. 

Through RL software, nurses have the power to report events and insights. In turn, that information can be put back in their hands to help drive quality initiatives, proactively prevent risks and keep patients safe.

Powering patient safety with the help of RL

Whether it’s capturing near misses, patient feedback and information about adverse events or applying forecasting technology to infections to intervene early, RL’s software effectively surfaces information to promote a culture of safety.

Prevent healthcare-acquired infections

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) pose significant challenges for healthcare organizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “about one in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection.” Each year, HAIs lead to extended hospital stays, impacts on patients and billions in costs.  

RL6:Infection helps healthcare professionals mitigate the risk of healthcare infections to protect patients and staff by providing real-time infection surveillance and alerts, helping to facilitate hand hygiene audits and forecasting the risk of sentinel events within the context of your patient population and community bioburden.

Help create a violence-free workplace

An average of 24,00 workplace assaults take place annually in the US – of those, nearly 75 per cent happen in healthcare. However, even statistics don’t capture the full picture. Workplace violence is also highly under-reported; only 30 percent of nurses report violent incidents.

Capturing information about workplace violence in integral to developing strategies to prevent it from happening. Customized forms in RL6:Risk allow nurses to report violent incidents easily, so that this valuable information can then be used mitigate and prevent ongoing risks of violence. 

Optimize data and measure improvements

When it comes to powering strategies to mitigate risks and ensure positive patient experience, the more information available, the better.

With RL6:Risk and RL6:Feedback frontline staff can easily report near misses and patient feedback that helps your organization manage and analyze incidents and complaints. Custom reports generated in the software can surface information that can then be used to inform risk management and patient relations strategies.

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