Things We Read and Loved: Future of Healthcare

November 29, 2016 Kaitlyn Whelan

We do our best to stay up to date on current innovations and trends in healthcare. But, as we reflect on so many game changing things that happened in 2016, this month we decided to look at the future of healthcare. In the articles below, industry thinkers and veterans take a reflect on trends and drivers in healthcare and how they might shape care provision in the decades to come. 

Public Health 3.0: A Blueprint For The Future Of Public Health: 
As how we live continues to evolve, so will our basic health needs. This article takes a look at how Public Health can change as the world around us does.

Healthcare Organizations, It’s Time To Wake Up
Adam Dole takes a look at how technological disruption can shape a new kind of patient experience. He provides technology can change the way providers can interact with and provide care to patients

Healthcare in 2030: goodbye hospital, hello home-spital: 
A veteran physician takes a look at how healthcare has evolved since she graduated medical school twenty years ago and makes predictions around what healthcare could look like in 2030. 

Why Self-Driving Cars Won't Work in Health Care:
There is a lot of discussion around self-driving cars and how this technology will change industries. This article takes a look at how automated technology cannot replace the human experience in healthcare, but that it can enhance it in new ways. 

Envisioning Patient Safety in the Year 2025: Eight Perspectives: 
Eight healthcare experts write what they envision healthcare to look like in the year 2025. While you may not agree with all of their views, each unique scenario provides thought-provoking insights. 

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