Tips for Crafting A Compelling Palooza Abstract & Presentation

February 19, 2020 RLDatix Marketing

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely considering submitting your abstract for RLDatix Palooza. We’re glad you’re here and taking the first step in sharing what you know as a patient safety changemaker. This year, we’re asking for speakers to submit abstracts on the following tracks:  

  • Best Practices
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Community for Learning
  • Workflow Automation
  • Healthcare Innovation

You can find a more detailed description of each track here. Before you begin, we’ve put together a few points to keep in mind when submitting your abstract. As you’re developing your content, these points will help you ensure that you’re incorporating all of the key elements to make your abstract and presentation stand out.

A Clear and Compelling Story

It’s important to share valuable information, and how you share that information is equally as important. Rather than simply presenting information, think about how you can share that information as a narrative. Telling a story is much more compelling than simply listing your thoughts and findings. Once you share the story behind your work, take time to explain its importance to your overall presentation and relevance to the conference attendees.

Dynamic Presentations

A dynamic presentation is all about making your audience feel connected to your content. When they’re invested in your presentation, they’ll stay engaged and leave with key takeaways. You can accomplish this by having two speakers or a panel of presenters, using multimedia elements such as video or encouraging audience participation. Be careful to not overwhelm your presentation––pick one or two dynamic elements that complement your content and best align with your presentation style.

Data Talks

Once you’ve captured the attention of your audience, it’s time to let your data shine and support your presentation points. People like being entertained, but they also want hard facts to back-up your claims. Not only does data boost your credibility, it also supports your presentation’s story. Don’t mistake this tip for a chance to dump a lot of complicated numbers on a presentation slide. Make your data easy to explain and understand. If you’re putting your data into a graph, make sure that it’s simple to read and that the text can be read by people sitting far away.

Present Actionable Takeaways

This tip comes down to what conference attendees are getting out of your presentation. People want to walk away with a clear, actionable framework that they take back to their organization and implement right away. First, educate people on the process or program your presentation centers around and then focus on clear steps that they can take to apply a similar framework to their organization.

Have Fun!

Patient safety is a serious topic but that doesn’t mean you have to leave fun out of your presentation. Be creative and think of ways to insert character, energy and excitement into your presentation. This could look like telling a personal story, using props or sharing a short video that ties into your presentation’s story. When you’re having fun, your audience will be more engaged, and your presentation is sure to leave a memorable impression with them.

To submit your abstract, click here. All submissions are due by end of day (EST) on Friday, February 28th. Applications will be reviewed and all applicants will receive a response by late March.


RLDatix Palooza is taking place in Chicago, Illinois from September 21st - 24th, 2020. Join us for immersive education sessions, enlightening keynotes, healthcare thought leadership panels, interactive hands-on training opportunities and much more. Register today.

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