Top 5 RL Blogs of 2016

December 14, 2016 Oi Hua Lee

If you read our Top Webinars of 2016 blog, you already know that we’ve been taking a walk down memory lane lately. With just a few mere weeks left in 2016, we’re dedicated to soaking in as much of it as possible. So, we took a moment to look back at our Top 5 blogs of 2016 to give us a glimpse on the year we’ve had! 

5: Meeting the PSO Reporting Requirements
2016 saw a ton policies come into place that will mandate hospitals to report to a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). Starting January 1, 2017 healthcare organizations with more than 50 beds that want to contract with the health insurance exchanges must join a PSO. If you’re not ready for this big change, check out our blog to find out how RL can help!

4: Top 5 Obstacles Standing in the Way of Effective Incident Reporting
A recent study has shown that up to 86 percent of reportable events go unreported. This has shown that although incident reporting systems are an effective and convenient way to capture data there remain barriers at an organization level. Get the details to bring change in 2017!

3. Three Things You Didn’t Know RL6 Could Do!
Healthcare Software is a lot like buying a hot new gadget. You buy it, take it home, set it up and learn to do what you need it to do. Until one day someone says “did you know it could do this, too?” So whether you’re new or old to the RL family, or if even if you saw us once at a conference, here are 3 things RL6 does that you probably didn’t know it could do. 

2. Three Strategies to Boost Event Reporting
The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has reported that event reporting rates in hospitals are as low as 14% of all medical errors that occur. In this blog, we explored why and how hospitals can turn this stat around. 

1. Pokemon Go and Three Ways to Deal With it at Your Hospital
Remember Pokemon Go? Yeah, we’re trying to forget about it, too. This summer the game took the world and our hospitals by storm, and it’s no wonder this blog topped our list as the number 1 blog this year. With Pokemon having just released its latest Gen 2 update, along with new creatures, what better time to get a refresher on Pokemon Go and the ways it your hospital can deal with unexpected visitors. 

Thanks for taking a walk with us, and we'll see you in the new year! 

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