The Joint Commission Revises Appointment Timelines - Rethink your Provider Management

February 17, 2023 Bahareh Bahary

The Joint Commission, the largest accrediting agency in the United States, has announced a revision to its accrediting requirements, allowing organizations to go from a bi-annual to a tri-annual credentialing appointment process. The National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) and other medical staff and credentialing industry associations welcome The Joint Commission's move to improve provider management. By allowing businesses to adapt the re-appointment process, it can ultimately be aligned with the payer enrollment process, which can minimize duplicative efforts and reduce the administrative burden for resource-constrained teams and providers 

The Benefits of Managing Payer Enrollment & Credentialing within a Single Platform  

In today's competitive market, healthcare organizations are under tremendous pressure to cut costs while improving patient safety and mitigating risk. By integrating your credentialing and payer enrollment systems, you can minimize manual workload, avoid delayed billing cycles and increase process transparency across your organization. Managing your provider management activities through a unified platform allows you to optimize your credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and contracting workflows. This in turn maximizes administrative effectiveness, increases provider satisfaction, decreases onboarding time, and ensures compliance with current regulations.  

By bringing your credentialing, privileging, and enrollment processes into a unified platform, you are enabling a level of efficiency and transparency that is not achievable in disparate systems. Handling your Provider Management processes within a shared database ensures all stakeholders have accurate, real-time information to support their work and make informed decisions. The risk of manual data errors and omissions is dramatically reduced, and interdepartmental communications are streamlined. The RLDatix Credentialing and Payer Enrollment solutions allow your organization to align your workstreams and unify your internal processes. Increasing the visibility and accessibility of your managed provider information will allow you to quickly identify discrepancies or delays.                                           

Leverage End-to-End Process Transparency  

Having end-to-end process transparency between credentialing, privileging, and enrollment ensures accuracy across all processes while minimizing the risk of errors or omissions due to manual data entry or errors in communications between different departments. Additionally, a unified platform enables transparency across the entire credentialing process – from verification of credentials through final approval – enabling you to quickly identify and proactively address any discrepancies or delays in real-time.  

Leveraging an integrated solution for the full life cycle of provider management tasks affords organizations the opportunity to reduce administrative waste, enhance data integrity, and provide assurance with respect to compliance across regulatory and accreditation requirements. Further, RLDatix uniquely ties the provider record to a broader platform focused on risk and compliance, giving your organization a path to rethink the role of provider management as a key enabler of your high-reliability strategy. RLDatix offers a partnership model designed to help organizations achieve success and remain focused on what matters most, the delivery of safer care for patients by a well-supported workforce.  

Your Next Steps 

As the shift to a 3-year cycle brings a need to update bylaws and other governing policies, now is the perfect time to migrate away from siloed processes and drive improvement within your organization. With RLDatix, you can take advantage of a modern, cloud-based platform that offers comprehensive support for credentialing, privileging, payer enrollment, and contract management. Let us help you reshape your focus away from administrative tasks by helping streamline your process for credentialing, privileging, and enrollment. We work with you to enhance your operational functions, ensure organizational compliance, and support you in providing a safer environment for your workforce and delivering safer care to your patients. Learn more about our advanced provider management solutions by getting in touch. 



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