RLDatix Webinar Slides: Closing the Loop of Clinical Surveillance

May 24, 2023

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Join the fight against infection: Empower your healthcare organisation to achieve the Saudi 2030 Plan goals with effective infection prevention and control (IPC).

Our webinar will equip you with the advanced tools and strategies necessary to support infection prevention and control teams, antimicrobial stewardship programs and occupational health services. 

Join us on a journey through the patient care continuum and learn how critical surveillance tools can identify and mitigate pathogen transmission. 

Want to learn more? 
Get in touch to learn more about how RLDatix's integrated clinical surveillance platform can help to transform your organisation's infection management.

Email: Saeed Abu-Hmeed or info-MEA@rldatix.com

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PolicyStat at Spire - A Brief Summary