Client Spotlight Video: Peace Church Compliance Program

November 24, 2015 Stephanie Radcliffe

For each organization, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of reported events—which is a good thing! It's not that we're happy that all of these events are happening; the reality is that they were happening all along but they just weren't reported. The software makes it faster, easier and more efficient for staff to go in and report what's going on because it's better than a clumsy paper form.

Christina Wildrick

Director of Risk Management, Peace Church Compliance Program

Peace Church Compliance Program offers services to non-profit, faith-based long-term care organizations, including risk management services. The Risk Management Coordinators at every campus now use RL6:Risk to report adverse events, good catches and more. Previously, they were all using different paper forms. PCCP also customized its forms to its long-term care locations to make filling out reports even faster for staff.  

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Peace Church Compliance Program used RL6:Risk to coordinate incident reporting across multiple locations, ensuring that high-severity events are reported in less than 5 minutes. Read the full case study


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