The Case of the Missing Resources


Nothing leaves you shaking in your boots like a pitching a new program to a roomful of your peers – or your executive sponsor.

Don’t fear, we’ve got your back! Show them how patient safety software like RLDatix can benefit your entire organization – from configuring to your incident reporting requirements and identifying trends to scaling with you as you grow. The RL Suite will work for you through every step of your patient safety journey.

"RL Suite has been instrumental in helping us create a positive safety culture throughout our organization. Staff feel confident in reporting events and know that in doing so, they are contributing to the overall safety of our organization."

- Memorial Health System (IL) 

Set your patient safety program up for success from the start! The RLDatix RL Suite is straightforward to set-up – you can use it out of the box or customize it to meet your organization's unique needs. Our icon dashboard makes it easy for frontline users to submit incidents and for you to pull the reports you need.

Do more with the RL Suite

Find out some of the key features that you can customize into your RLDatix RL Suite dashboard.

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Learn the ins and outs of implementing the RLDatix software

Get a better understanding of what's involved from both business & IT perspectives when optimizing your incident reporting software.

Access: 4 Ways to Optimize your Incident Reporting Software

Here's how one organization even shared some of their learnings from implementing the RLDatix software.

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Get your staff involved

How do you ensure everyone is on board and using the system to their best ability? Learn how one organization engaged their staff through dedication, persistence, and a bit of creativity!

Read: Engaging Staff with Incident Reporting

We know change isn't always easy, but we're here to help! 

Book a consultation and let us help you overcome your patient safety challenges.

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