What does the future hold for provider lifecycle management? 

August 23, 2023 Bahareh Bahary

What does the future hold for provider lifecycle management? 

In today’s healthcare landscape, organizations face increasing pressure to provide top-quality care, while also balancing cost efficiency and compliance requirements. As a result, many teams have become overburdened with administrative tasks spread across disparate technologies.  

Provider lifecycle management is at the center of all of this, and though new tools have simplified key processes for credentialing, privileging and payer enrollment, many organizations struggle with systems and processes that remain stuck in rigid organizational silos, reducing productivity and hindering progress toward high reliability.  

Provider management made smarter  

As the healthcare industry faces increasing complexity and growing challenges, it’s important that everyone is on the same page. RLDatix is connecting our broader provider management ecosystem to help healthcare organizations connect the dots and ensure that all the right people have the information they need when they need it.  

Having served over 80,000 providers across the U.S., we understand the value of a comprehensive, centralized approach that allows stakeholders to manage provider data in one place.  

Let’s explore how you can integrate your organization’s provider management lifecycle and better manage relationships, build efficiencies and allow more time to focus on providing improved experiences and better outcomes for everyone in your care.  

Enable high reliability through Provider Management  

In the pursuit of high reliability, provider management plays a pivotal role.  

Evidence shows that reducing administrative burden is central to the experience of healthcare workers and centralizing key revenue cycle functions can help drive down costs. As healthcare organizations explore new ways to effectively manage evolving employment and staffing models to meet industry demands, rapidly expanding datasets and efforts toward becoming a high reliability organization (HRO), they need a technical infrastructure with data models to support it.  

In addition to streamlining key onboarding and performance management tasks, a more comprehensive, integrated approach helps support the implementation of HRO strategies by aligning provider management with risk mitigation and compliance initiatives — empowering teams to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities, foster a culture of safety and drive continuous improvement across their organization.  

Start strong with integrated provider credentialing and privileging.  

Proper credentialing and privileging are critical to any organization’s safety and success.  

With an integrated provider lifecycle management approach, your organization gains access to a consistent, centrally managed and verified file that mitigates data redundancy, reduces duplicative effort, fosters greater accountability through committee decision-making and attribution across the broader platform — all helping to improve provider experience end-to-end.  

Supported by RLDatix’s NCQA-accredited CVO, healthcare organizations also gain access to a dedicated support network with nearly 20 years of proven experience. Today, we work with 130 clients, helping to tackle complex workflows and build confidence in their data.  

Keep everyone on the same page with integrated business relationship management  

Effective contract management tools are critical for supporting concurrent workflows during onboarding, departure and review processes.  

By managing key factors, such as compliance, non-competes and compensation modeling, RLDatix Provider Lifecycle Management will allow your teams to share consistent and reliable data to drive concurrent workflows — connecting activities throughout a provider’s time with your organization and further enhancing your ability to share consistent, verified data to support payer relationships and enrollments.  


Gain a comprehensive view provider performance  

RLDatix’s peer review model pulls from data curated across a broad spectrum of resources including safety, claims, feedback as and triggers directly from your EMR system data. This ultimately helps your organization expand the way you manage the peer review process, while helping you create provider performance files based on devaluated cases with documented findings.  


Benefit of an expanded platform  

 Credentialing and contracting processes require detailed reviews to evaluate compliance and drive process improvements. RLDatix’s expanded approach to provider management measures performance and compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements in mind. This integration allows your team to actively surface regulatory requirements and institutional policies for relevant processes, helping to facilitate more proactive reviews of institutional conformance.    

 Ultimately, compliance becomes a shared responsibility with transparent views and connections across your governing standards.  


Designed with you in mind  

 As healthcare organizations explore new ways to effectively manage evolving employment and staffing models to meet industry demands, support rapidly expanding datasets and drive efforts toward high reliability, they need a technical infrastructure with a broadly shared data model to support it.   

Our Provider Lifecycle Management architecture was built in collaboration with our client stakeholders — their perspectives, requirements and aspirations — providing you with a solution that can grow alongside your business.  

Partnering for success  

We recognize that achieving high reliability doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  

Starting with our CVO and driven by end-to-end services and solutions, RLDatix offers a collaborative model, ensuring organizations can remain focused on delivering safer care to their patients.  

Leveraging our decades of expertise, dedicated advisory and ongoing support, healthcare teams can navigate the complexities of provider management, optimize workflows and maintain compliance while also enhancing operations and patient safety.  

As you continue your journey toward high reliability, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Build your future today.  

A unified approach enables organizations to rethink the role that provider lifecycle management plays in their long-term strategy and operations.  

With our industry-leading architecture and a dedicated support network, RLDatix connects you with an expanded view of provider management tasks across your entire organization — helping your team on your journey to high reliability, better insights and safer care.  

Ready to take the next step toward connected provider lifecycle management? Speak to one of our experts today.


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