RLDatix in Forbes: A Patient Died on His Watch, Now He’s Shattering the Wall Of Silence in Healthcare

In a recent Forbes article, RLDatix Chief Patient Safety & Risk Officer Dr. Tim McDonald discussed how his work has helped healthcare organizations support more open communication, share increased learnings and leverage advanced data analytics to reduce harm events, decrease liability and foster safer healthcare for all. 

“The New England Journal of Medicine, published in January of this year, showed one in four patients suffers a harm event and 10% of all patients suffer preventable harm,” McDonald said. “It costs billions and billions of dollars. It's not only tragic when it comes to the emotional impact on the patients and the doctors and the nurses, it's a huge financial issue [for the organization as well...” 

McDonald’s dedication to improving outcomes for all stakeholders eventually led to the creation of the "Seven Pillars" approach to preventing and responding to harm, which gained recognition and support from then-Senator (and later, President) Barack Obama and his administration. The success of this initiative eventually encouraged further developments, including the AHRQ-funded Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR) Toolkit

When it comes to improving patient safety, McDonald believes everyone has a role to play — particularly following the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST’s) September's report on patient safety. According to McDonald, effectively communicating about the issue at all levels will help to create a safer, more transparent and empathetic environment for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Read the full article here

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Advanced Patient Safety Management: Guided By PCAST Recommendations Including CANDOR
Advanced Patient Safety Management: Guided By PCAST Recommendations Including CANDOR

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