Lessons from Mass. Eye & Ear: Engaging Staff with RLDatix Office Hours

Tiffany Pinto-Gruno

Tiffany Pinto-Gruno is a Risk and Quality Specialist and the system administrator for RLDatix at Mass. Eye and Ear. 

At Mass. Eye and Ear we continue to reap the benefits from RL safety event reporting by RLDatix. With the implementation of a great reporting tool like RL software it also brought its challenges. One of the struggles we faced was keeping staff educated on how to enter safety incidents and reinforce that everyone has the ability to enter them.

Promoting RLDatix

We learned early on that we needed to provide a convenient way for users to get the specific training they needed and a reliable source to address questions.  Monthly “Office Hours” was created to encourage all staff to stop by and get one-on-one training. Whether it be a director needing a refresher on how to fully complete tasks so they disappear from their info center or a physician who is unsure on how to add documentation or a front line user that has never used RLDatix.

Office hours take place on the third Friday of each month from 11 am to 1 pm and are held in the same conference room (conveniently located around the corner from our cafeteria). The conference room has a large projection screen and a hospital-system computer so staff can sign in as themselves so we can review the issues they are having and answer questions.

Office Hours Promotion Tools

  • Emails: Each month we send out a reminder email to all the hospital directors, VPs, and other staff that have licenses. The email encourages not only the managers to attend but to also send their staff. Note: It is important to update the distribution list regularly since managers and staff responsibilities can change frequently.
  • Newsletter: E-Forum is a hospital wide electronic newsletter that is sent to all staff every week.  E-Forum has evolved over the last year or so into a very popular forum for hospital news and announcements. Feedback indicates that staff has been prompted to attend Office Hours because of the E-Forum reminder.
  • Monthly Director Meetings: Every month the Quality team meets with each hospital nursing director to go over quality related items including RL safety event reporting. We use this opportunity to remind the directors to send their staff or to attend themselves to review functions they are unsure about.
  • Annual E-Learning: RLDatix is reviewed in our Compliance module that every new employee completes and then reviews on an annual basis.


Attendance varies from session to session. We can get anywhere from 2 to 5 employees that stop by. While the numbers might not seem high, we’ve found that the ratio is quite ideal as it allows for one on one training and provides sufficient time for questions and practice. We are also a small, specialty hospital, so larger organizations may experience a higher turn-out.

Within the past year, we have had a range of staff members from physicians, directors and managers, VPs, front line users and staff with new licenses (various positions). The sessions can also prompt people to contact me that was not able to attend but would like to set up a meeting to go over an issue or need a refresher.

Popular Discussion Items

  • The new Info Center set up
  • How to complete a task
  • How to clean up their Info Center
  • How to enter follow-up
  • How to add attachments
  • Questions about the types of files they are receiving
  • Report requests

If you're interested in learning more about Mass. Eye and Ear's RLDatix office hours or their electronic newsletter, feel free to contact Tiffany Pinto-Gruno for more information! And don't forget to share how you're engaging staff with reporting in the comments below. 


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