Need An Extra Set of Hands? Learn About Remote System Optimization

Tina Dao

Don't we all sometimes wish we had an extra set of hands? 

We welcomed some very special guests to the #AskTheExpert stage on HUB to share their experiences with our Remote System Optimization services. Our experts from Gundersen Health System and Novant Health shared their insightful answers to all of your questions about RSO, from what it is to how you too can benefit from it!

Can you explain what Remote System Optimization is and how you use it?

Chris Roth (Gundersen Health System): Remote System Optimization (RSO) is a contract between your organization and RLDatix, which in a nutshell gets you another system admin. You pay for hours of service and they provide you with an Optimization Manager (OM) you can use at your leisure. Anything from report running, to form building, to data importing and exporting...basically anything you need help with or don't have time to do. One thing provided by the OM that is really helpful is the system health check. Basically, the OM goes through your system and looks for everything you’re doing right and things that need to be cleaned up.  They also talk to superusers to get their feedback on what could be done better. There is so much that they can do for you it’s just about how you will utilize it.

If I were to pitch the idea of getting an RSO to my organization, what would the top 3 reasons I could give?

Gloria Willis (Novant Health): [For me the top benefits of having RSO are]:

  • Quick access when we have questions or need assistance
  • The OM knows our system and we don’t have to spend time explaining any of our customizations. Our Claims module is very customized and having someone that is knowledgeable and has been involved in our build and changes is irreplaceable and saves us a lot of time
  • Helps us to stay on track with our projects and she provides us with assistance when needed

Gabby Hansen (Gundersen Health System):  Your OM could be another you in the system (admin access); troubleshoot when you are unsure where to go next and they are a voice for you in RLDatix (think of a real-life version of HUB)  PLUS, a great conversationalist to run things by for changes and upgrades, walk you through everything you need or have questions on and can hop on at a moment’s notice (usually) to work something out with you!

As an RLDatix Admin, it seems counterintuitive to give parts of my job away to someone else? Can you share how you utilize RSO as a tool rather than a replacement for an admin?

Beverly Groseclose (Novant Health): A Optimization Manager (OM) is a person that knows your system inside and out. They are dedicated to your organization. This person is a great benefit by being able to evaluate and explain the pros and cons of changes and additions to your system. We use ours to expand our knowledge and abilities as System Admins.

Gabby Hansen: We don't divvy up any tasks to our OM but rather use them as a bounce board for help, ideas, etc. They CAN do everything you can do but they don't generally, in my experience. They set you up to do everything the best way you can function! We receive a yearly health check report on our system to tell us what’s working well what isn't, and our OM helps us figure out how to adjust what we want based on that as well. 

What do you find are the areas/challenges that the RSO helps you with? Is it more useful for one module more than another?

Chris Roth: That is a good question. When I first started with my position I knew nothing about RLDatix as a system and the person I replaced left before they could train me. So, I started at ground zero. As part of the RSO, I received a crash course in Admin training and then along the way they have helped break down the more complex areas of the system. I have used this training to mould the way our organization uses the system.

We have two Super Admins of the system, one being myself, that mainly deal with the Risk/Feedback side so when we get questions regarding claims or peer review we will help facilitate those request with our OM.  They are versed in all of the modules so if there are ones you are not comfortable with they can be a good resource for you.

It’s hard to break down the areas/challenges specifically because anytime I have a problem or experience a hiccup in the system I reach out to our OM. To give some examples, we have recently set our 2018 goals and I just got off our monthly call with our OM (like 10 mins ago) to discuss how they could help us with the projects we intend to bring on and what they could do to help take on some of the responsibilities.

Starting a new project? Looking for a little support? RSO could be the solution you're looking for. 

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