Get Planning for Patient Safety Awareness

Tina Dao

This year, Patient Safety Awareness Week runs from March 11 to 17.

Though it feels like 2018 has just started, we know that planning is well underway for programming for Patient Safety Awareness Week to get staff engaged with your patient safety priorities. 

Whether you're planning for the awareness week or simply looking for fresh ideas to promote patient safety year round, our online community, HUB has been rife with idea exchanges between our clients about some of their tried and true approaches to promoting patient safety.

Here are some recommendations straight from the experts:

Start a customized campaign

Patient Safety Awareness Week is a great opportunity to showcase how your staff contributes to patient safety. Consider asking staff to provide answers to statements like “I keep patients safe by…” or “I had a good catch when…”.

Use the answers on posters, social media, intranet banners or your internal newsletter to create a customized campaign that highlights how your organization is dedicated to keeping patients safe.

Think outside the box

According to our children’s hospital clients, getting creative is one amazing way to build staff excitement about something like Patient Safety Awareness Week. Complement some of your more serious content with things like a patient safety parade, ping pong tournament or game show to bring some levity and creativity to one of the most important topics in healthcare.

Gather feedback

Patient safety is an organization-wide pursuit – which means it can only be informed by all the different perspectives dedicated it. Some of our clients use Patient Safety Awareness Week as an opportunity to see feedback from their frontline users.

Considering creating and distributing a survey to gather feedback from your users about the reporting proves.  Do they find the reporting process easy to use? What’s the best way to get them feedback on their submissions? Not only do the answers to these types of question hold insights into ways to improve the reporting process (like simplifying forms or creating new event types), but they also provide an opportunity to demonstrate to your staff how important their reports really are. 

Share your tips & tricks! 

There are so many ways to engage your staff with patient safety programming. You can join our online community HUB to stay in-the-know about the latest approaches your peers are taking. 

What are you planning for Patient Safety Awareness Week? Let us know in the comments below!


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