Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions: Addressing the Nursing Shortage

February 22, 2023 Inge Garrison, Chief Clinical and Services Officer

While the COVID-19 pandemic escalated the strain on the nursing workforce, the issue of thinly stretched and under-resourced staff far pre-dates the pandemic and continues to impact the well-being of patients and practitioners alike.  

We hear a lot of industry buzzwords around staff retention, but it’s important to go back to the basics: the driving factor behind why nurses are leaving healthcare comes down to unsafe staffing. 

So much of unstafe staffing begins with schedule mismanagement. Often, schedules are managed on spreadsheets and whiteboards, leaving room for error and miscommunication. Amidst the chaos, our Chief Clinical and Services Officer Inge Garrison sees opportunity. With effective workforce automation, healthcare organizations can alleviate administrative burdens and operational risk — improving productivity, reducing costs, and creating a safer environment for everyone in the continuum of care. 

RLDatix Chief Clinical and Services Officer, Inge Garrison, addresses this crisis head-on, sharing her outlook and providing valuable insights into the opportunities with technology to mitigate today’s nursing shortage crisis. Read the full interview in Becker’s Hospital Review.  

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